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Concepts and projects for energy-intensive industries require detailed planning paired with great know-how. Therefore we keep an eye on efficiency, productivity and the responsible use of resources. The responsible treatment of consumption of energy, water or fuel and minimized emmissions are our objectives.


GMD - General Management Dashboard

  • Management overview about company performance
  • Customized to individual requirements

Strategy Review

  • 3 years business forecast
  • Development of key strategic projects
  • Organic growth
  • Geographical diversification
  • Priorities for implementation

Feasibility Studies and Business Cases for Development Projects

  • Opportunity Study – selection of option to be implemented
  • Feasibility Study – technical and economical feasibility
  • Design Review – ensure functionality, process calculations

Human Resource Check

  • Skills assessment for operations – production and maintenance
  • Development of a training plan to compensate weaknesses
  • Technical Team Assessment, individual training plans and succession plan for the company

Plant Master Plan and Capex

  • Development of improvement projects in line with strategic plan
  • Provides a medium term guideline for plant improvement

Budgeting and Cost Management

  • Provides the company budget for at least the following business year, better for the following 3 year period
  • Covers all areas such as sales, logistics, operations, general administration and finance
  • Monthly Management Reporting
  • Technical and commercial KPIs

Proactive Maintenance Methodology

  • Transfer from reactive Maintenance to proactive
  • For improved equipment reliability
  • And extended capacity utilization

Project Management for Improvement Projects

  • Keep target, time, quality and budget

Site Management during project construction phases

  • On site supervision and performance acceptance approval
  • To ensure safety, quality, time and budget