Technical Due Diligence

We understand the challenges involved in the development and implementation of an investment project in your industry. Maximizing return on investment while minimizing all project risks is the key to success.

We support you in the potential purchase or the possible participation in an investment object in all relevant areas.

We analyse in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the property in question. Looking back on past strategic decisions, we evaluate future opportunities and risks and summarise them in the analysis.

In addition, we evaluate the modernisation potential of the property. You receive well-founded statements on the condition of the facilities and the technologies used as well as an assessment of any additional investment funds required for future cost scenarios.

Services we can provide and perform on your behalf are for example:

  • Definition of the business target
  • Target definition of Due Diligence
  • Collection of actual plant data
  • Analysis of KPI reports and KPI reporting system
  • Definition of main areas to be audited
  • Plant audit(s)
  • Analysis of the audit results
  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Development of alternative scenarios to achieve of business target
  • Development of the respective action plan
  • Discussion with the management
  • Final report and recommendations
  • Feasibility studies